Maxim Asadchiy


Co-producer “Pronto film” (Ukraine)


2012 “The Match” – featured film by Andrey Malyukov

2011 “Angels of War” – 4 series by Tetyana Hodakivska

2011 “Scribbler’s Stories” – featured film by Oleg Filipenko (in production)

2011 “Ballad about Bomber” – series by Vitaliy Vorobyov

2010 “The real story about red sail” – 4 series by Alexander Stekolenko

2009 “By the Law” 64 series

2008 “Hunting for Vervolf” – 4 series by Evgenij Mitrofanov

(The prize for the best series Yurij Ozerov’s International filmfestival)

2008 “Mystery Island”– feature film by Volodymyr Tyhyj

2008 “Devoted Friend” – TV film, director Kira Volkova

2008 “Disturbing Holiday of the Lower Larina” – TV film by Olexandr Stekolenko

2007  “Excused Sunday” – TV film, director Tetyana Hodakivska

2007  “On the Bridge” – TV film by Ivan Sautkin

2007  “The Debt” – feature film by Assaf Bernstein. 35 mm

(4 nomination for the prize of Israel film Academ)

2007 “Rusuli Samkudhedi” – feature film by Aleko Cabadze, 35 mm.

(Special prize “Golden st. Georg” MKF, 2007. Nominated for the main prize Cottbus Film Festival of Young East European Cinema, 2007. The best film of the UIS and Baltica on the festival Nika, 2008)

2007  “Import/Export” – feature film by Ulrich Seidl. 35mm.

(Grand Prix (Golden Apricot: on Yerevan International Film Festival), 2007.

Nomination for “Golden Palm” on Cannes Film Festival, 2007)

2007  “If You Can Hear Me” – TV film, director Andrij Toloshnyj

2006  “Without Distinctive Mark”– TV movie by Volodymyr Yanystchuk

2005  “Contact” – featured film by Andrey Novoselov. 35 mm.

2005  “The Second Front”– featured film by Dmitri Fiks. 35 mm.

2004  “Zero Hour” – documentary series by Discovery channel. HD.

2003  “The Spirit of Earth” – TV series by Volodymyr Yanystchuk

2003  “Barbarian: the Last Great Warrior King” – featured film by Henry Crum. 35 mm.

2003  “Mamay” – featured film by Oles Sanin. 35 mm. (The best D.O.P. on “Kinoshok” film festival, 2003)